Friday, 3 December 2010

How are you...

How are you?   A greeting widely responded to with 'Im good thanks',
So ask me the are you?
Today I am feeling fragile waiting for the slightest knock to set me back,  I feel vulnerable and insecure, like those dreadful dreams you have when you go to school in your underwear!!!
Today I 'forgot' to eat, despite my initial positive move towards eating breakfast.  Things just got in the way. It was then so easy to again not bother, then not bother with tea.....hey, I feel better already.  Quick fix to numb the feelings....or so I think. I ate earlier, god Im stuffed, blag it, crumbs on the plate noone will know...but |I do!!  What is the point in lying to yourself?  It doesn't achieve anything. Tommorrow is another step at a time.
 Anyone for muesli..  :)

1 comment:

  1. It's great that you can recognise that today is a fragile day. I have days like that too.

    Even if you do get knocked, you can be reassured that you wont get knocked back to square one. And, if you do take a step is OK.

    Mmm muesli :D


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