Thursday, 9 December 2010

One step forward...two steps back

Just when you think you have things on track it comes back to bite you on the bum.....ok, I may not have much of a bum but it is still there.  I have tried hard to keep to a routine, have some sort of structured eating and have taken each day as it comes, but sometimes though life just gets in the way! 
It was not intentional, things happen, feelings and emotions get in the way of eating, then not eating numbs the feelings and emotions.
I have been away for a few days staying with friends, stupidly forgot my fresubin drinks, struggled with my change of routine and before you could say 'yes, I'll make it large,' ouch...there it was, a big bite.
I'm not saying it took a holiday, it didn't, I was just finding it easier to cope with.

The hardest thing is no one can see how your are feeling inside, what your thoughts you feel about the ways your body is changing.  I tell myself, 'its ok' but I know that isn't how I feel.
Tomorrow is another day, I CAN cope with a blip...I am still in recovery and will strive to continue.
I have my weigh in next Monday (cue scary music!!)  yes I am nervous, but I also know that it is the way forward, maybe I will ask to stand on the scales backwards!!
Will let you know how I get on.....wish me luck.

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