Friday, 10 December 2010

never underestimate Lasagne

Strange title I know....but very true.  To most of you out there, a lasagne is just that.  A pasta and meat dish with cheese sauce generally found in the chilled/freezer section of your supermarket, the local Italian or if you're really make it yourself.
I personally hadn't touched the stuff in at least 7 months....until last night.
It was sat patiently in the microwave (having escaped from the freezer) waiting to be nuked by my teenage house guest :)  Guess what?  As teenagers often do, she changed her mind and no longer required the company of said lasagne.
At the stroke of midnight, after turning into a couch potato and losing my cow slipper when coming down the stairs, the lasagne called out to me...I
I regained my position on the sofa whilst watching the second part of 50yrs of Coronation Street fork in hand....
'Oh no you don't ' shouted one part of me, 'Oh yes you do' shouted the other..well it is nearly pantomime season!!  I sat for a good 20 minutes staring at this lump of 'yuk' on my plate and I am not ashamed to say, it scared me...Booooooo! Bad Lasagne.
Totally irrational, but this meal is one you cannot hide from, each bit of food is touching the other, you can't really pick at it and its covered in the most evil baddy of all.....melted cheese.
But I did...I put on my fork and ate it..slowly and being aware of how it tasted....  Fee Fi Foe Fum...I smell and tasted something yum....
Well I did it, wasn't planned and it didn't kill me.  I did have nightmares though...serves me right for eating cheese before I go to bed!

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