Sunday, 12 December 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year..

Or is it???
Being Mrs Organised I have the presents bought, wrapped and under the tree.  Parcels ready to post and cards written.  Christmas day and Boxing Day menus planned, shopping list completed even know what were doing New Years Eve....but what about I ready?
I love Christmas, the smells in the air, the frost on a morning, Christmas carols, soppy TV movies, friends and family, buying and giving presents...and yes I do love a little something in my stocking.
This year though it all seems a little daunting. Everywhere I go its about food!  Christmas meals with friends and colleagues, enough chocolate to fill willy wonkas factory. fancy biscuits, nibbly bits....Oh the temptation.
I have set myself 3 challenges over the festive period.

1.  Christmas dinner at home with family and friends. 
2.  Boxing day buffet at home with more family and friends.
3.  New Years Eve dinner at a restaurant!!!

So as not to set myself up to fail I have a few strategies in place to cope.

Try to eat small regular meals curbing the urge to overeat or binge. Avoid skipping meals in order to save up calories!!!  Does not achieve anything in the long run.

Cook food that I know I will be comfortable with eating, also means I can eat with others without making myself stand out as different.

The buffet will be the worst as I will want to eat the whole have discreet word with hubby to keep in check how much I am putting away, especially after a few glasses of bubbly. Again I will also cook things that I am comfortable with.  Still find it difficult to recognise hunger and fullness...but will not beat myself up if I feel I have eaten too much.

Chocolates!!! This will be the nightmare as I will worry about eating the whole tin!! They will be in a cupboard, out of sight out of mind but available to Hubby and Son. :) 

I have eaten out with friends, but have been particular over what I have eaten, taken forever over the menu and have been paranoid that people are watching me.  The meal on New Years Eve is significant, I am trying to leave my disordered eating in the old year and move on to the New Year a stronger and more positive person.  I cannot promise, but I will try.
Something I have mentioned before is mindful eating.  I find it helps me to eat slowly, taking in the textures, flavours and smells of the food, being positive about what I am eating and concentrating on each mouthful. 
Try makes eating so much more of a sensory experience.
I wish those of you struggling at the moment a stress free Christmas and hope you kick your E.D into touch. xx

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  1. Again good advice for us all especially the bit about' mindful eating'


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