Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The harsh reality.

I came across a website, a forum, an online community when I was at the start of my eating disorder.  I was not looking for support or friendly advice, I was looking for 'thinspiration', ways of hiding my illness from those around me.  What I found when I stumbled across 'We bite back,' were a group of like minded people, all wanting recovery, all being pro-active, supporting their forum 'oranges.'  They started to change my mind and offered me hope.
I would spend hours on an evening, especially when feeling in the depths of despair reading their online journals, taking in the positivity and strength, reaching for their one common goal.....recovery.
I had found a place where I could be open about my eating disorder with the understanding that there were ground rules.  people listened, and replied.
I didn't post as much as some but would always go back to the sticky notes when I was feeling down, needed some motivation or a reason to move on.
Today I was reminded of that reason.  A forum member died.  Now this is someone I have never met but was allowed into her thoughts, her feelings her fight to get her life back.
This is the harsh reality that ultimately eating disorders kill, even when you are ready to take the road to recovery.
God bless you Linda, if I ever needed a reason to continue eating you are it.
I am writing this whilst eating a magnum chocolate ice cream, I had a huge bite for you. Here's to biting back. xxx

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  1. Oh m'love, it is such a shame her life was taken to this awful illness. Hurray on the Magnum! Her death will not come in vain, her life will be celebrated and mourned. Much love x


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