Thursday, 14 April 2011

My A to Z, The letter J

Back by request, my A to Z.
I have decided to reopen my blog and not allow myself to be bullied into submission by others so here goes....

There are 2 Jens in my life but I will start with the one who I have known for the longest and have such good memories of.  The lovely jen wade.....we met many years ago when our children were at Nursery and have shared many happy and sad times.  She has been a great strength to me particularly over the last 6 months.
I had the honour of jen being at my side at my marriage to kev in 2008 in greece, a time I will treasure forever.
I laugh when I think of our nights up at the Carousel Club, cry when i think of the time she moved to the North west, a place which i class as my second home.
I miss Jen and her family so much, well apart from Sam her Daughter who is now lodging at our house. (yes Sam, I did say lodging,  You haven't moved in permanently yet!!!)

Jen Nicholson.
Oh my god!!! I think that may be Jens catch phrase.  I have only known Jen properly for about a year or so, and what a laugh she is.
We have shared many funny and sad moments.  She has been a shoulder, the voice of reason, the sun on an otherwise cloudy day.
i have loved the sunday afternoon green goblin cider incidents, the friday, 'Im not going to the Pier,' which have ended up with Me and jen sat up till 5am, eating Chicken, playing with the cat and generally putting the worlds to right.  Jen you are one in a million.  Thank you..

Jammy.  As in 'you jammy beggar,'  I think possibly a northern phrase, something which I was often questioned upon its meaning when I moved 'down south.'

Jamie Oliver.    I love the way this guy cooks.  The way he rips at things with his hands, mixes everything in....totally scrummy.  The male version of Nigella.  He could be my cupcake King any day.

Justified and Justice!!!  Some people just have it coming there way....

Jono and the Joanies.  I was reminded of this a few days ago by Tammy my best friend at school.  Apparently when I was about 13 myself and 3 school friends attempted to start a band!!! I played the glockenspiel and the only think we could play was 'Yellow submarine!!!!.'  We even had badges made!
Sometimes i
I do wish Tammy did not have a very good memory.


Just for you....good luck in the election. xx

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