Friday, 8 April 2011


Dont think I have ever felt so hurt by one individual intentionally.
 What gives someone the right to use another persons thoughts against them, for no other reason than to make themselves look just that little big bigger.
Well guess what?  you didn't, you made yourself look like the pathetic individual that you are, and I am still here, head held up high, not ashamed of what I said or who I am. 
How dare you pretend to be my friend, abuse my trust and kick me when I am down.  Knowing what I have been through the past few weeks and knowing what I am still dealing with you should be ashamed of yourself.  I have no other words to say......I am seriously pissed off, angry, upset that I have needed to close my blog for fear of you linking me to local forums.  This was my one outlet, my sounding board and you have now f**ked that up!!!!
Screw you.....

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  1. Who would do this and why I really hope it was not some one from Middlesbrough!
    Look do not let this sad losers get you down you have true friends who care about you so focus upon the positive and be strong and remember karma is a wonderful thing and it will bite the ass of this individual no fear it just a matter of time so be content with that knowledge :-)
    Take and be strong thinking of you best wishes always
    James x


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