Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My A to Z. The letter I

I.  Me, myself, I am unique, one of a kind.
Impatient. Very!!! I like things to be done there and then, 'Im an instant fix girl which is why I have never been successful in either growing my hair or nails. I think I have now learnt that watching the microwave go round is not going to make it cook any quicker!!!

Iridescent.  Love it.  Again I have images of pearlised pastels, glittering hues, bubbles,rainbows and all things girly.  Not tacky like those dreadful two tone trousers you could get in the 80's  Now how many of you will admit to wearing those?

Impulsive. Dreadfully so...past incidents of impulsiveness have resulted in, 4 tattoos, eyebrow piercing, cropped hair, pink hair, blonde hair, any hair you name it and Ive had it, far too many items of clothing and footwear too mention and a very expensive band for a birthday party (thankfully have now cancelled!!!)

IPod. Couldn't be without it.  My music goes everywhere with me and will often determine my mood.
Music is great for linking into your feelings, evoking emotions and memories from periods in your life. I am very much an 80's girl and will spend hours trawling you tube and Spotify for old tracks.....ahhhhhhh.

Inverness. Went there once on a holiday in a wooden cabin.  Was eaten all week by midgies, got stuck on a loch in a rowing boat when I dropped my oar, the hotel had stuffed dead animals looking at you all the time and the damn piper played his bloody bagpipes every evening in the car park!!!!  Can't wait to go back!

Invincible.  I sometimes think I am.
Nothing can touch me, everything will be fine, no need to change.
But I am not invincible, not Mrs Incredible, I am me....the fragile person under the often hard exterior. 
The shell is cracking, breaking off bit by bit with each little knock that life gives.  Eventually the soft interior will be exposed, bared open for all too see...a scrambled mixed up mess,

J tommorrow.
Much Love xxx

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