Saturday, 5 March 2011

A to Z of the cupcake queen.....B.

Doesn't usually take me this long to get to the second letter of the alphabet but this has been harder than I expected.

Bee.  Not the stripey, buzzy pollen capturing insects but a very good friend.  Bee is someone who I have known for less than a year but strangely feels like a lot longer.  She is like one of those little effervescent tablets, full of fizz that occasionally gets up your nose!  Only jesting Bee. 

Bonkers.  yep that's me.  Slightly strange at times, but I hope in a good way.

Bubbleicious.  My email.  Wanted bubbles but that was a little too much like MJ's monkey.  Did have my bra size at the end of it to make it easier to remember but thought it sounded too much like a porn star.

Bitchy.  Must be the Northern roots but I can bitch as well as anyone...

Buzzing.  Not in the Ann Summers way, I am constantly on the go, have a dreadful habit of going from one thing to another without actually finishing anything.

Bath bombs.  My luxury.  I adore bath bombs. I was first taken with this luxury toiletry item in the mid 80's when a company called cosmetics to go started in Poole, Dorset.  The original bath bomb had a wick coming out the top and when it fizzed in the water a piece of paper floated out with the word 'BANG' written on it!! 
My favourites are the ones containing glitter, need to be enjoyed with candles, soft music and a glass or two of fizzy plonk.

Blunt.  As opposed to sharp!!  I have a habit of not engaging brain before I speak, has got me into bother many times.

Will attempt to do C tomorrow. :)

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