Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Time for some E's

I will start my letter E with one of the most wonderful people I have had in my life.

Elizabeth, or better known as Nana.
My Nan was a typical Northern lass.  She lived in a humble terraced house with her Brother, my great Uncle Ed and there dog Judy.  Nana had been married twice, only one of my grandads I remember as when he passed on I thought he had taken the hamster to heaven with him in his pocket!!
She occasionally shared her home with my cousin Stephen and my Uncle Bob, both of who I got my love of Paul McCartney and the Beatles from.
Nana was my Dads Mum.  She was a tiny little thing, always wore a pinny and had her Birthday on Bonfire night.  I loved that day as she always made cinder toffee and toffee apples.
We used to visit Nana on a Saturday afternoon, she lived near to the football stadium so it was always an interesting experience.  She loved her brown ale and would give us the empty bottles to take to the off sales at the pub to get the money back.  We would spend it on chips then dip them into piccalili from her larder.
When I was married (first time) Nana was unable to travel to the wedding, she was in hospital when I picked up my wedding dress and I will never forget the look on her face when I took the dress to her bedside and took it from the box to show her.  She was glowing.
Nana never had a lot of money or material possessions but she had wealth in her spirit, unconditional love and laughter.  She bought a carriage clock for our wedding gift which I still have and will always treasure.

My beautiful Nan

Effervesant. I like all things bubbly.  Fizzy wine, bath bombs, bubble bath even alka seltzer.  My email contains bubbles!!  I can be a very bubbly person but it doesnt take much for me to lose my fizz.

Eclectic.  My taste in music. I may be a hoarder of the old 80's vinyl but my tastes are varied.  I love acoustic, female vocalists, modern music, soul, rock, ska, reggae,,,almost anything goes.  My fave all times are the Carpenters and the Cranberries.

Enthusiastic.  I love to try new things, to take on new projects.  I jump in feet first and soak up new ideas like a sponge.

Eccles cakes.  Yum, I love the flaky pastry, the crunchy sugar topping, the succulent fruit and the way that you cannot possibly eat one without making a hell of a mess.

Ensure.  A life-saver, but cant stand the egg nog flavour

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