Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Its all coming back to me

Today I had a strange feeling.  A feeling I hadn't had for a long while. It started as a faint rumbling, a little poke in the right direction, a slight murmur that felt ready to erupt into a molten lava.  What was it?  It was hunger!  My body was telling me it was hungry, it needed subsidence and I had to answer it in the way it knew best, with food.
Learning to listen to your body after periods of restricting is something not to be taken for granted, it is essential to refeeding and nourishing your body, as is recognising the feelings of being full and knowing when to stop.  The annoying thing was I was at work, had eaten lunch and had no bloody food left!!
Lesson learned, take more bananas tomorrow!!!
I am pleased to inform anyone who may be interested, I have now gained a total of 20lbs!!  I have reached the weight that I originally feared and am happy to say was not sent into a state of panic; although was slightly disappointed to be told that I still had an anorexic bmi as I so want to shake of that damn label. I tried my hardest to get out of my dietician appointment next week but excuses did not wash, as my Nurse said, 'I am not out of the woods yet', but I am certainly seeing a clearer path. 
Things seem more positive, more achievable and I am having more good days than bad.  Its all a bit like falling of a bycycle and getting back on again.
Onwards and upwards......

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