Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My A to Z. D-Day

Time for the letter D.

Dietitian!!!!  Yes, the dreaded visit to the Dietitian has come around once again. After a horrendous bus journey (a lorry had shed its load and bus was late!!  Man on bus talking about having a 'wank' to ease the boredom.)  Thank goodness the bus started again pretty soon.
Saw the lovely George(ina) who on one hand was pleased with my progress but on the other had the expected talk about the lack of protein, the lack of breakfast before walking to work and the downfalls of running on empty.
Had a brief discussion on food exchanges and came away with a list of acceptable snacks.  Quite amusing having a 'diet' sheet consisting of 50g bar of chocolate, 190g of ice cream and 50g of roasted nuts. Not all together may I add.
She did give me some good advice though on my regimented eating which I will try.
I need to try and alternate the meals I eat rather than have the same thing day in and day out , this saves on panic and wobblys when I do change food and struggle to choose what to eat next.  Ultimately its all down to planning and that is something I do well at.

Dreamy.  I am the ultimate daydreamer, especially before I go to sleep.  I love to lay there just thinking about all the wonderful things I wish I could do or would like to happen. before I know it I'm awake, back in reality and back to work!!  One day, just maybe I will get the lottery numbers right.

Distracted.  Very easily! 

Determined.  When I set my mind to something I will endeavour to do it.  At the moment I am determined to get my life back on track, to be the Jackie I once was.

Dirty.  as in mind, sense of humour.  If you know me you will understand.

Dancing.  I love to dance. me, alcohol and a pole are a very bad combination.   I think the phrase dance like no one is watching was made for me.  When I am 80 I will dance around my zimmer frame whilst wearing purple of course.

Debbie.  My closest friend.  We have only been friends for a few years and I love her to bits. I will always treasure the memories of our nights out, my hen night, pole and burlesque dancing in Bristol, weekends kayaking, the holiday in Egypt, Glastonbury Festival, zorbing, nights out with family and friends and the evenings of deep conversations, putting the worlds to rights over a bottle or three of wine.
We have had our ups and downs but I will always look out for her and defend her to the hilt. 

Dad.  Sadly missed, my Dad, Derek passed away in July 2005 after a very long illness at home.
It would be fair to say that at times he was not the easiest man to get on with, we certainly had our moments, but as I grew older my relationship with my father also deepened. i looked forward to my visit home, especially taking Dad along to the karaoke nights where he would watch me sing with his pint in hand.  It was difficult living 300 miles away from him when he was ill. 
 I always new that one day a call would come with the sad news but that didn't make it any easier.

                                                                  Miss you dad. xx

D-cup.  One day the boobies will regain their size.  :)

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