Thursday, 3 March 2011

The A to Z of the cupcake queen..

I have come to the conclusion that my blog posts are becoming rather boring, predictable and less than exciting.  I would like to think this is because I am doing ok, have less to talk about regarding my eating disorder....although I still have a lot to shout and be proud about.
So before I get on to the A to Z of me, lets discuss the past week.
We have had the weigh in, which was ok, and tonight I had a planned meal with the girls from the skittles team.
Granted, the majority of the tean are not aware of my problems, that is I have not discussed it with them. They have sponsored me for the sweda walk which may have given them a subtle hint, but it has never been spoken about.
This is the first time since my illness that I have eaten out without prior knowledge of the menu.  (I generally research online) I was ok at first, until I saw the menu and panic set in.  Quick fag outside and scuttled to the specials, whoop whoop, found a cajun chicken salad which I happily shared with a lovely friend sat next to me.
Moving onto the puds, 'are you having one?' 'No Im happy looking at the pictures!!!.  I did go for a delicious carribean chocolate sundae which I happl;y again shared.   The struggle beforehand was dreadful.  Shall I, shan't I?  For gods sake its a sodding icecream, I am not going to evolve into a hippo in the next 15 minutes by eating a blooody icecream....unfortunately It was not worth the struggle, maybe I should stick to weightwatchers chocolate dessert.
The highlight of my evening has to be my friend managing to get the phone number of the waiter within 5 minutes of us being there. Hows that for service?

Now, back on topic, just for a bit of fun...the A to Z of me!!  It may take a while so please come back tomorrow.

argumentative!!!  I so like to be right all the time and really need to stop this. I do struggle with arguments though and find it difficult to get my point across.  I have a book on how to persuade others to your way of thinking, It doesnt work!!
Sometimes I really dont care, do not give a damn, not give a flying fig.
Anorexia. Hate this word, this label. Dont want it, never wish it on anyone, never want to be associated with it again.
 Arse. One day my arse will regain its composure, will resemble a juicy peach and will again be grabbable.
Abstinance.  I dont think so....

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