Monday, 7 March 2011

My A to Z. The letter C

Ok I'm a day late with this one, blame it on the weekend.
Charlie the cat!!  I love our cat.  We acquired him from a neighbour.  I suppose you could say he was catnapped.  For whatever reason charlie decided 4 years ago at Christmas to leave his family home and move 2 doors down.  Good move we thought, until he started bringing his visitors with him.
Yes we have an open house at night for ever feline in the area, and if its not cats its mice, birds, frogs dead or alive. He has this dreadful habit of waking you in the morning by jumping on your back, if that doesn't work he bites your toes and if you are still dead to the world he starts on your hair....wouldn't have him any other way.

Competitive.  That's me....I don't do things by halves and probably will never change.  I love a challenge, have to be the best that I can possibly can and find it very disheartening when I can't

Clumsy. Just call me Mrs Bump!!  I often think I have lost my edges as if there is a doorway or cupboard I will walk into it.  Even worse after a drop of the old vino.

Chatty.  I know I talk far too much, more often than not about a load of old rubbish.....just look at me now.  Twittering away.

Cheesy. Not my feet, my music collection!!  You only need to look through my Cd's to realise I was a teenager of the eighties.  Big hair, big shoulder pads, frilly shirt, bad makeup, bad taste and cheesy tunes.  Love it.

Cuddles.  I love cuddles, but have been told am not too open with giving them back. 
Must try harder.

Chocolate. My favourites are ferrero Roche, but I do get carried away and can easily eat the whole box, so at the moment they are off the agenda.
Found a quaint chocolate shop in Bristol which sold dark chocolate with 99% cocoa solids.  Very bitter, an acquired taste but you could only try a small square at a time.  Worth working up to and exquisite with a glass of baileys.

Cupcakes. last but not least my namesakes....
Theres something about cupcakes that fascinate me, they stir my imagination. The combination of ingredients, subtle flavours and the crowning glory of frosting and delicate decorations. They are so versatile, can be feminine and masculine, fruity, chocolaty, rich and moist. there is a huge satisfaction in presenting someone with the little box of cupcakes, all painstakingly decorated just for them.....ahhhh.
My friend Jen laughed so much in sainsburys one day as I practically dropped to my knees having an orgasm at the cupcake cases and boxes in the baking aisle!!
But its not just cakes...theres tea towels,oven gloves, aprons, baking boards, canisters, socks, shower caps, salt and pepper pots...the list is endless.  my very sad plan is to turn my kitchen into a cupcake heaven.
One day I may eat one!!!

See you tomorrow for D Day...

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