Thursday, 10 February 2011

Getting back on track.

After a couple of dodgy weeks its time to pull myself back up, look forward to a brighter future and make some positive changes.....starting today.
Having a blip, a rocky patch, a relapse or whatever name you choose to call it by comes with a heap of emotional and physical crap.
I had started to retrain myself into regular eating. Regardless of how little or insignificant the amount or calorific value was to me it was a huge step.  I was doing well.
To go back to restricting your diet undoes the 'good' work.  Your body is hanging onto fat stores as it isn't sure where the next meal comes from; your metabolism slows down; the weight may not come off as quickly as hoped; the urge to overeat is intense and that in itself has consequences which I will not go into!
So the way forward again is regular small meals with a good balance of carbs, proteins, fats etc....
Not so easy at the moment as I have a stinking cold and cannot taste anything!
Back to the drawing board of meal plans.
That brings me to my domestic science or home economics class in secondary school with Ms Coats.
We use to have a little ditty we had to say at each lesson..fresh fruit and vegetables, oily fish and liver and brown bread.  Only works when singing it to put emphasis on the Brrrroooown bread!!
I showed some of my poetry to my Husband this evening, he said he wishes I would write about something happy and positive....well I think today is a pretty good start. Dont you?
Keep fighting the good fight with me, speak soon. xx

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