Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bad hair day.

Today I had one of those impulsive moments.  You know the kind, reminiscent of the time after spending several years growing my hair I went into a hairdressers and had the whole lot cut off!!  Like the day I went out and came back with my eye-brow pierced then wore sunglasses for the day trying to hide it from Hubby.  Like the several times I have gone out and come back with a tattoo.
well today I decided to go blonde!!  Simple procedure for most but not for someone with bright red hair, dyed too numerous times to mention.
So I venture off to the local chemist and come back armed with my ammunition, colour remover and a wicked platinum blonde hair dye that would put Ms Monroe to shame.
With the lovely Jen on hand with her latex gloves, I start my mission to become a blonde bombshell.  Nothing could be further from the truth!!! The moment you remove the towel from your hair, look in the mirror and have a mass of yellow, orange and pink straw staring back at you is almost indescribable.
Absolute horror! 
I looked a cross between Gerri Halliwell, Toyah Wilcox and a Duracell battery.  No chance of phoning in sick tomorrow with a bad hair day!
Luckily for me I have a lovely young girl on hand, a hairdresser who thankfully saved the day after her long training at college.
We managed to tone the colour down with another dye, but unfortunately had to have it cropped quite short to get rid of some pink hangers on.  Good old Becky.
I actually quite like it, its growing on me.  Not sure what hubby will think when he wakes up in the morning and thinks hes gone to bed with Annie Lennox.
I can now go out again in daylight.

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