Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Ten Commandments...

1.  Thou shalt not make yourself into the image of others....celebrities in magazines are airbrushed, they do not really look like that!!!

2.  Honour you body, its the only one you will get.  Nurture it, love it....feed it.

3.  Avoid Fat talk....its damaging and lowers self-esteem. 

4.  Drink your Fresubin daily...lol

5.  Do not live in the past....(80's music is acceptable though)  You cannot change what has happened but you can change how you allow it to affect your future.

6.  Accept your flaws, nobody is perfect!! 

7.  Never ever buy bathroom scales again....unless they are pink and fluffy and say 'gorgeous' each time I step on them :)

OK I can only think of 7......may add some later after more coffee.

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