Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Day Three. Dear Body......

Have been watching a lot of the 'Dear Body' videos and YouTube but cannot bring myself to make a video or inflict it on a few words and photos will suffice.  Here goes...

Dear Body.....

My Eyes...I love you..some say they are the gateway to your soul, they sparkle when I'm happy and cry when I'm sad.
Sorry for not looking after you properly. Not removing mascara when i go to bed and looking like a panda the next morning!!  For inflicting pain on you on the rare occasions I have slept in my contacts and then had to remove you with a plunger action the next day.

My Lips...They pout, they pucker, they smile :)  A little too large for my liking but hey, more to snog with.

My eyebrows...are desperate for a pluck....yes, I said pluck!!  Or a wax, whatever my pain threshold is at the time. 

My nose....they help keep my glasses on my face, what more can I say!  A tad too big, but good for smelling.  It has a little moley thing on it, I'm learning to like that spot.

My Hair...oh dear, where do i start?  I apologise hair for the many years of bleaching, dyeing, straightening, curling and not giving you enough nutrients to shine.  I will try harder.  Oh I do like the red at the moment though.

My Boobs...No picture thank god, well not any that I can post on here!  When I was at school we used to do the pencil test. If you can hold a pencil under your boobs they have drooped!! I can safely say I can hold a pencil case up now.  Sorry boobs for not wearing the right size bras, I will endeavour to make getting measured as priority in the future.

My Feet...Uggh...feet.  Sorry feet for squashing you into tight, too high very inappropriate footwear, but I cannot promise it wont happen again.

My Legs... Very long, very slender, I like my legs.  Thank you legs.

My Bum...I apologise for sitting on you far too much recently and will take you with my legs out a little more often.  One day I will get you back to the bum I knew and loved. 

My tummy...Sorry tummy for not feeding you properly, for putting you through such stress and discomfort.
For inflicting pain on you with a tattoo, but I do love the tattoo.  Tummy you are a reminder of my pregnancy and of the birth of my wonderful Son.  I will try to be mindful of the changes you are going through and accept you whatever shape or size.  I will look forward to jiggling you again.

In conclusion, body I will treat you with the respect and love you deserve, and look forward to having you around whatever your size for a very long time. xxx

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