Monday, 29 November 2010

Its only a bloody Potato!!!!

How hard can it be to buy a spud???   After a successful day of following meal plan (gives self pat on back)  I decide to purchase the said mentioned cook as the jacketed variety as I do not like to be stared at by a naked being on my plate!!!
Off I pop to the wonderful store of Llidl where I peruse the aisles for an eternity looking at Christmas chocolates..STOP...binge alert...I did not come in for chocolate so skip merrily to the aisle of delectable vegetables.
Hmmph!! only 4 potatoes left all with more knobbly bits than a team of cyclists in Lycra!!  After a quick grope I toss it into my basket along with the icing sugar, marzipan, apricot jam...(guess what I'm doing tomorrow?) and hurry along to the checkout where they are giving away free bread!!!  Random I know but thought I would make the point that some supermarkets do something productive with their on date perishables.
by the time I get home, i am anxious, stressed, cruising for a bruising and am so not going to eat my potato all because poor Hubby dared to walk away when I thought we were having a conversation!!  Gets me like that sometimes and those nearest and dearest are the ones who bear the brunt.  Quick ciggy (OK, I haven't packed in yet) and I'm destressed and ready to roll...
Long story short, Potato arrived on my plate dressed in best tuxedo, although had carelessly spilled garlic and herb cream cheese down its crack which I gladly ate up. Yum...

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  1. Nearest and dearest bearing the brunt sounds familiar ....were you quoting me ? :-). the potato description was a bit 'Nigella' careful xxxx


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