Monday, 22 November 2010

Day One

I have spent the past three days, or at least part of the past three days watching the movie Julie & Julia. For those of you who have not had the gastronomic pleasure of this movie, it tells the true story of a young woman who attempts to cook every recipe in a french cookery book in 365 days!!! and write a blog detailing her attempts. The cook book was written by Julia Child in the 1950's (I think)  and her story runs alongside...
Given my rather obsessiveness over baking and my strive to have a positive relationship with food, i thought, why not?  Write a blog....if noone reads it, who cares, at least it will be somewhere to share my thoughts, not too much of my feelings, but above all my love of all things chocolately and truly scrumptious.  I will apologise forthwith for my bad grammar, atrocious spelling and occassional bad language. As JUulia would say....Bon appetite.


  1. Oh look, you got a comment...and it's not your mum so it counts ;)

    So does the inclusion of "cupcake queen" suggest recipes or going through an entire cookbook ala Julie and Julia?

  2. So you caught my attention...Whats next?

    So I have been worried for a week now wondering where I am going to get my pie for the holidays. I woke up today and had a thought; I should make one. Do you have any exceptionally good recipies?


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