Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I love Shoes :)

I love Shoes. This is something which my Husband has little understanding of.  His reasoning is you can only wear one pair at a time, so why do I need so many?  I could say the same for his motorbikes!!
The thing with shoes or any footwear, the more you have, the less you wear each pair therefore they last longer. Right?  You also need to consider the weather, the occasion or if you need to be able to run for a bus or run away from a situation.  I was once told by a policeman after being assaulted in the street, I had the best weapon on my feet, and I didn't use them!!!  We therefore need lots and lots.
From an early age shoes were special. You had the sensible T-Bar school shoes which were polished each Sunday evening with a tin of cherry blossom shoe polish, then left on newspaper 'til the morning.  It was always put polish on with a duster and take off with a brush.......or was it the other way round?
P.E we had sandshoes or what are now know as daps.  They were white and came in a little drawstring bag.
Our Sunday best shoes doubled for church, parties and whatever other 'posh' occasions came up.
I was never a fashionable child, we had very  little disposable cash when growing up so fancy clothes and footwear were not a priority.  In hindsight maybe that was a blessing as I did live my teens mid eighties! I heard the story many times that my Dad had to put cardboard in the soles of his shoes to cover the holes so I should think myself lucky! Probably right.

The first pair of shoes I bought for myself were bright pink jelly shoes, I adored them as they were the height of fashion.  Unfortunately Mother didn't agree and I was made to take them back to the shop along with the hair dye and 'baggy' trousers of the time.
The second pair I bought were walking boots from Milletts to complete my expedition for the Duke Of Edinburgh award.  Most people would have the sense to 'walk them in.' No, not me. I bought them the day before and set off on in virginal boots for a 30 mile trek. Actually, that may be a slight exageration, I also remembering getting the bus back as we had torrential storms. Oops!!
When I moved away from home I developed my own style, if you can call it that.  My hair was generally cropped short, bleached within an inch of its life then coloured pillar box red, flamingo pink, purple, violet, peroxide blonde or whatever I fancied that week.  My clothing generally was louder than my hair and I started an impressive collection of Dr Martin boots. I had green camoflauge, brown canvas (which were vomited on at an Irish bar in Butlins,) white with flowers, pink and my favourite purple velvet. They were lush. Teamed with my loud hair, red skinny jeans and love for chumbawambe T-Shirts I was often chatted up in bars by women.  
Just a thought, today I showered in Lynx, on the back of the shower gel bottle it said I would attract lots of attention from women, so maybe it wasn't my image!!!
 My obsession for footwear was transposed on my Son and at the age of about 18 months, he had to endure walking around wearing silver sparkly Doc martins. Well I thought they looked cute.

So how have my taste in shoes changed over the decades, and for what are their uses?
I bought my first pair of expensive shoes about 6 years ago. They were leather high heeled ankle boots by Faith. They have a statement buckle and metal heel grips which click as you walk.  I still have those boots and adore them.
I have numerous, what I would call throwaway pumps from Primark. Several colours to go with anything, and pliable enough to be folded into your bag when you can no longer walk in the previously mentioned Faith boots.
Bedroom shoes ;) You know the sort, the pair that make your legs look 6 foot tall but you actually can't stand up in never mind walk.  I heard that they elongate your back and make you pull your stomach muscles in. If I'm honest all they do for me is give me blisters, make me strut like I have sciatica, and poor Kev, I could take his eye out (or something else) wearing them in bed!!  I quite like slippers actually.
I very nearly bought a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes which are rubber and smell of bubblegum.  I didn't want to wear them, I just wanted to sit and sniff them.
Anyway i shall leave my ramblings with photos of my favourite shoes.


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