Monday, 8 October 2012


This week on the blogging for well being challenge we are taking inspiration from Images. One image a day from the artist, Julie De Waroquier.
Now this was not easy for me. I have no real interest in Art, at school the only thing that interested me was Ms Hulmes 60's dress style and the Beatles tapes she used to play during lessons.
I have not been one for looking at a painting for time on end and being able to 'read' it. For me Art was a pretty picture that I put on my lounge wall which blended in with the colour scheme. But you know me, always up for a challenge, so here goes. Lets see what this says to me.


With knowledge we gain understanding,
With understanding we become accepting,
With acceptance becomes peace,
With peace becomes balance,
With balance brings light,
With light we see clearly,
With clarity we gain life,
With life we grow.


  1. I love this... and with your permission, I just might have to turn it into a "quote image" to use later?


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