Monday, 9 July 2012

Week One-Monday-Barriers to self care

Week One (Monday) Barriers to self care and soothing.

I am going to attempt this months bloggers challenge daily.  At first I thought this may be too much pressure after returning to work, getting back into a routine and not having as much 'me' time but I work well under pressure.  This time there will be a general topic for the week, with a daily topic if you want to write each day. goes.
Firstly I will apologise if I wander slightly.  I was going to write about when I had an ED and what stopped me from looking after myself, but I'm not. I am going to write this for a  beautiful young lady who I am hoping is beginning to see a way forward. I can understand why she is scared, what she is scared off and what is stopping her from looking after herself.  She is such a strong person, a winner, a fighter and I am so proud of how far she has come.  

You can break down the walls, pull open the shutters,
If you really want to.
You can release the shackles that are holding you back,
smash through the image the mirror beholds,
and see the real you.
The loving, caring, beautiful you.

What are you scared of?
Of feeling, of seeing, of hurting, of losing.
Who am I without you?  What am I? 
You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are strong.
You can take back control....If you want to.
Go on, What are you waiting for xxx

For Em xx


  1. aww hon this was beautifully written and incase your friend reads this please know Jackie isnt just saying this to be kind because she knows you - its really true. This fight is hard, its so tiring but its worth it. It takes no more or less energy than the eating disorder does, but at least with recovery it gets easier and you get free - with eating disorders , it only ever gets worse.

    Jackie this was beautifully written angel and so empowering - my heart did a little skip high five style thing as I read xxx

  2. a second everything tracey said.

    such beautiful words, and so heartfelt and true ; )

  3. And I third everything Tracey said!

    Lovely post - I think it's so beautiful how the people in this community are trying to support and encourage others through recovery even though they themselves might still be struggling. So inspiring x

  4. Thank you, and she did read the comments.


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