Friday, 27 July 2012

Self empowerment

I have really sucked at taking part in this challenge, hence only one post this week on 'Blogging for well-being.' I have struggled slightly with the topics, not with the content itself but how to physically put them down on paper (keyboard) So excuse the babbling and waffling and I will try. :)

For me self empowerment has been about taking control of my life, taking responsibility for my actions, acceptance of myself and others, challenging negative thoughts and learning to say no.
With my eating disorder I was out of control, although for most of the time my head was telling me I was the one in control.  The turning point was when I said no to Anorexia, took back the control, made the choice to recover and challenged myself throughout the journey.  It was a difficult process, an emotional and heartbreaking process, but ultimately I was the one in control, I was the one who had the power to change things and it felt so good when I did.
Throughout my recovery the professional support I received was not ideal all the time. But the people that made a difference were the ones who guided me, didn't tell me what to do. I made the decisions and I called the shots. I was the one who made the changes in my life and turned it around. Of course I wanted to recover for the people I love but I needed to want to do it for me. You can do it to................

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  1. I love the quote you wrapped with Jackie - so true! A few bloggers have equated empowerment with control, I like the positive spin on control, and am glad you are doing the blog challenge - as little or as much as you can - I enjoy reading your words! xx


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