Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Perfect Body :)

The Perfect Body

Flawless skin like a peachy bum,
Acne scars and too much sun,
crows feet, wrinkles, freckles and moles,
Lots off 'Ink' and piercing holes.

Ginger hair down there and on your head,
Peroxide blonde and pillar box red,
Sprouting chins and nasal hair,
Mohawks that make people stare.

Boobs that stand up with no support,
Big and bouncy no good for sport,
Saggy like a spaniels ear,
after years of feeding that child so dear.

A washboard stomach all firm and toned,
Wobbly bits, muffin top or big boned,
Love handles that cause you strife.
Stretch marks showing that you gave life,

Pearly whites all neatly capped,
Little gaps with spinach trapped,
Tram track braces all straight and neat,
Dentures from eating too many sweets.

The perfect body comes in many guises,
The short the tall, different sizes,
Don't rely on the mirror, look to your heart
Perfection is you, not just a body part.

Jackie 2012


  1. I think every teen girl needs to read this... and know that they are perfect no matter how they are!

  2. "Don't rely on the mirror, look to your heart. Perfection is you, not just a body part."

    This is truely a wonderful thing to read xoxo

  3. I absolutely adore this - funny and completely true - you're a genius lady xxx

  4. Wow!! That poem is beautiful and so true
    It's our imperfections, quirks and differences that make us unique and beautiful.
    I was just writing about this on my blog the other day.
    Who wants to be a clone of someone else?
    I sure don't

    Good luck with your recovery x


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