Thursday, 12 December 2013

Next Year I Will........

I am very good at making New Year resolutions, and even better at breaking them!! This year I was given a different way of planning resolutions by an online friend and I will do my up most to stick to them!
The idea being is that they are sustainable all year round, they are measurable and above all they are not a chore!! This list of resolutions will not only be fun to do, but will make a difference (I hope) to my life, my health and my relationships.
Here goes..........
1.  Write a blog post a day.
Just recently my blog has been neglected for many reasons. lack of time, lack of inspiration or just something more important crops up. I owe it to myself and those who have been following my stories to bring it back to life and give it the care and attention it deserves. Even just a few sentences, a quote or a picture can make a difference to someone reading or to how I am feeling. I may need to think ahead when I'm off on holiday but that can be worked on.
2.  Take a photo a day.
I love taking photos and sharing photos, often to the point I'm sure of boring others!!  Photos tell a story, they trigger memories and evoke emotions. Not sure yet if this will be incorporated in with my blog, I will have to think on that one.
3.  Have a date night with Hubby once a month.
Something we don't do enough of is spend quality time together on our own. We have plenty of nights in front of the TV but fall short on the dinners out, cinema evenings, long walks and weekends away. This is one resolution I am seriously looking forward to and hoping I can  motivate the other half.
4.  Eat dinner at the table with no TV at least twice a week.
Self explanatory really. Something we got out of the habit of when Toby grew up and started to fend for himself.
5. To have Toby, his Girlfriend and Son round to Sunday lunch once a Month and eat at the table.
6.  Write a letter to an online friend and post it every Month.
I have made lots of friends online from different walks of life and from around the World. I enjoy sending cards and gifts for Birthdays and Christmas but would love to write and receive letters. if anyone reading fancies joining in, let me know.
7.  Walk for an hour at least twice a week regardless of the weather.
8. Carrying on from number 7, train for the cancer research Shine Walk 2014 and beat this years time.
9.  Stop going into work early to get things finished.
Firstly, if I need to work more hours to get my work done my time management or the system is crap!! Secondly, I don't get paid for the extra time.
10.  Get up 30 minutes earlier for work and eat breakfast.
Are these sustainable? Will keep you up to date. bring on 2014.

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