Monday, 24 September 2012


It feels like forever since I have contributed to the 'Blogging for well being challenge,' I haven't forgotten about you all, life has just been a little hectic at the moment. I will make time to read others contributions, honest.
I think I'm a few weeks late with this one but what a brilliant prompt. 'Inspiration.'


When I first read this the word that came into my head was 'Thinspiration.'  This took me straight back to over  two years ago where I would spend many hours into early in the morning trawling the Internet.
In a dark depression, slightly numbed by alcohol I would look at photos airbrushed or not of emaciated,  celebrities, comparing hip bones, collar bones and searching for my 'perfection, my inspiration.
I will not dwell on this as it serves no positive purpose, but during my searches I came across several websites which promoted eating disorder recovery.  From here I found my real inspiration.  People just like me, who understood, didn't judge and were supportive. They held out a virtual hand of friendship, were there in the early hours when no one else could be. They gave me hope with their strength, passion and love.  They helped me see a future, a life and make sense of what was going on in my head. They said it how it was however blunt, or harsh it may have seemed at the time. They were my inspiration, they still are my inspiration and for that I am eternally grateful.

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