Thursday, 30 August 2012

I have learned

I have learned,
To think before I speak,
Perfection is something not to seek,
Be careful in who you trust,
Loyalty is a must.

I have learned,
Don't live in the past, move on,
My priority is number one,
Be true to yourself, don't lie,
kiss the negative thoughts goodbye..

I have learned,
Life sucks at times, its hard,
It leaves you emotionally scarred,
Only you can gain control,
and work towards you goal.

I have learned,
the hard way, fuck it hurts,
when you're served your just desserts,
The icing on the cake,
The nightmares from you wake.

I have learned...................

Jackie 2012


  1. I have learned Jackie Tanner is gorgeous, fabulous, talented, intelligent, funny, sweet, loving, courageous and strong. xxx

  2. I wish you had a "love it" button to check... cause this would get two checks!


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