Monday, 13 June 2011

what a change

Have been looking back at my wish list which I posted in February, and how things have changed.
I am pleased to say that I am winning, if not passed the winning line and got a gold!
Food is no longer my enemy, it doesn't scare me or haunt my every waking moment.
I can shop without the stress and anxiety, I pick out food becausee I like it not because it is low fat or low calorie.
I recognise when I am hungry and know when to stop!
I cook for the family and eat the same meal...on the same size plate.
Eating out is not a chore but a joy.
I eat chocolate because I fancy it, the same goes for crisps, biscuits and nuts.
I feel good about myself, healthy, worthy, beautiful.
Don't be despondent, don't give up, fight for your can do it and you are worth it. xx

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