Monday, 9 May 2011

Thank You. xx

Today we did the 7 mile beach walk in aid of sweda (somerset and wessex eating disorders association) and I would like to thank all those involved, from the heart, for supporting the cause and taking part.
I had my first experience of a support group 10 years ago and vowed I would never go back.....I'm glad I did.
I met a group of like minded people, all striving for recovery in a relaxed and safe environment.  I have the utmost respect for all the volunteers of sweda who give their time with no charge.
I have never felt isolated or triggered in the group, I look forward and enjoy the monthly meetings always taking some positivity and direction from them.

For me, today was a humbling experience, we didnt have a huge amount of walkers but the people who turned up did it for me.....that may sound like Im bigging myself up but Im not.   These people have been my support, my rocks, my stability and I can't thank them enough.
Also to those who werent able to do the walk but contribute with sponsorship...not sure how much but I think we are nearing the 1K mark....

mandy losing her hat....

Becky getting her stride on...

all smiles from Deb and Jen...

Joe and debs before they got stuck in the mud!!!

Kate and Tom

Russel and Louise racing for a pint!

A well earned pint for Glyn the marshall

Oh dear Vicki, hobbling a bit.

Kev and Damien bringing up the rear.


Off to bed now, well earned rest., 

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