Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February 4th. Getting my baps out!

Before you do a double take, please note, the above image is not of me; although I have to say I would be quite impressed if I had an arse like hers!!
No, this is my 'I am practically quivering so much the cupcake topping is curdling' post, prior to my Boudoir photo shoot on Saturday.  I will admit to be just a little bit nervous.
I went shopping to Bath on Saturday, and after visiting the lingerie department of practically every store, and walking round the perimeter of the city at least fifteen times,I came to the conclusion that the women of Bath are far too posh and resorted to the sultry haven of Ann Summers.
Now the issue I have with Ann Summers is they are not very practical.  I am a 'big pants' girl and like to make sure that In the event of an accident, or if I fall on my behind I can rest assured it is completely covered. I would like to think that I will never be in the position (scuse the pun,) where a Gynaecologist will need quick access to my lady bits via a pair of crotchless frilly pants!!
I have decided that my photos should emphasise my best bits, therefore I will dress up my bottom and legs.  I think I have chosen well, but decided against the shop assistants idea of nipple tassles.  I want to look sexy not clean my shoes!
I will let you know how I get on.  I will probably be spending the rest of the week practising sultry pouts and bottom sticking out in the bathroom mirror.
I wonder what Kev will think if he comes come from work and finds me in the kitchen in nothing but a cupcake pinny and heels?
Happy Valentines kev.

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  1. You make me piss and I am so glad you went ahead and did this. The shots are beautiful <3


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