Sunday, 31 March 2013

Missing piece of the puzzle....

Something is missing and I'm not quite sure what.  I have a great life, a job which I enjoy most of the time, a wonderful family, the best friends, enough money to live and enjoy life and I have my why do I feel there is a piece of this puzzle missing?
I have been feeling disheartened for a while now and put it down to a difficult time at work and the 'coming down' from my bubble after the book going live but I wonder if it's more than that?
Thinking back over the past few years to say it has been difficult is an understatement. I have found out more about myself and the pain and love of others than I ever thought possible, and to those that supported me I will remain forever thankful.
In a way the waves of my life has just settled down to a ripple, maybe its a ripple that I should just slowly sit back and take in rather than try to ride on the waves? Maybe I'm not used to having a quiet period and I need to learn how to chill, reflect and just be with myself. 
Easter time has made me question if its something spiritual I am searching for, something which I had many years ago. I have downloaded the Bible onto my IPad and have started reading, I shall be attending a local community church next week just to see......
At the back of my  mind is the teasing and name calling of my college years when I was involved in the Christan Union, I am hoping that those that see me as their friends will accept any decision I take and love me for that, and I hope that I may find what ever it is I am looking for.


  1. I hope you find it too - and I am pretty confident you will ; )

    I think we have these periods in our lives where we feel this way and like you said... we kind of need to learn to just "be" in the quiet and the calm of life and also listen to what our heart is telling us to be open to new things and new experiences and journeys.

  2. I also trust that you will find it, love. <3


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