Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Exquisite beauty imprisoned once more.

Exquisite beauty, imprisoned once more.
As she slumps by the toilet and falls to the floor,
The demons inside her she needs to get out,
Her strength and her value she's starting to doubt.

The cycle begins, the hate has no end,
This demon inside her she see as her friend,
She hurts her frail body to gain some release,
When all that she wants is some love and some peace.

The battle continues 'til someone gives in,
I will love myself when I become thin,
Say the demons within until you say 'No.'
'This is not my life, not how I want to go.'

Exquisite beauty, imprisoned no more,
As she picks herself up from the bathroom floor,
And she says 'this is my life, not yours to kill.'
'I am beautiful, I am worth it and  live it I will.'

Jackie 2012


  1. I love reading your poetry Jackie....

  2. Really powerful. I especially like the first and third verses.


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