Saturday, 18 June 2011

my A to Z. the letter L

Apologies for straying from my alphabet, time to crack on with the letter L.

Love....Noun: An intense feeling of deep affection.
I try not to use the word Love unless I actually mean it.  It is branded around indiscriminately which makes it pretty meaningless.  To love someone is to never imagine them not being in your life, to never have contact with them, to have a mutual respect, to hurt when they are hurting.  Now being in love is completely different!!  :) favourite flowers, especially pink ones.  Yes I know they are traditionally funeral flowers but there is something special about lillies.  The petals feels like silk, the scent is amazing, the way they open from 'em.

Lonely....I have never been on my own..From the moment I left home I have either house shared or being in a relationship, so why sometimes do I feel lonely?  I have a great group of friends but I sometimes feel I don't fit in, I feel like the ugly one in the group of good looking people...the odd friend..I'm sure some of you reading can relate to this.

Lent...never given up anything and never intend to.

Little of my favourite films. I can see myself in Jane Horrocks.  A timid, plain girl engrossed in a fantasy of her late fathers music with the most hypnotic and amazing voice.  (I wish!!)

Late...punctuality is not one of my attributes.  If you arrange a date with me I would suggest you tag an extra half an hour on to make sure |I arrive on time!!!!

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  1. I love this post because truly its inspiring and your definatly an inspiring person by what you write about x


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