Monday, 20 May 2013

kiss my ass :)

I was driven to write this blog by the influx of weight loss promotional crap that I have come across on the book of face this evening and I have to say I am truly peed off with it!!!
As I look at the rather unflattering picture here of me taken yesterday on a charity 5k run I see the following;
strength, determination and positivity. I can see past the extra inches I am carrying around my waist, the double chin or the thighs which have thankfully doubled in size over the past 2 years. That is no longer important. What is important is how I feel about myself, how I see myself and that is so much more than fitting into a size 8 jeans (UK size ;)
Now I will tell you I committed the immortal sin recently. I weighed myself!!! Not because I was concerned, but because I was interested. I have not known my weight for a very long time. 
I needed to know how my weight would affect me, I know that could have been a risk but in the back of my mind I always stayed positive, not about the number, but about my reaction.
I also knew that for total recovery I needed to know how this affected me and I was pleased :)
My weight is the heaviest it has ever been, except when I was pregnant, and I am OK with that. The number had no effect on me whatsoever. It has made no difference to who I am, how I feel about myself....apart from I now can evidence that I am seriously worth so much more than a number.
Today I saw an advert on a bus saying, 'do you feel like the back of a bus,'well my ass may be growing and catching the bus up, but what I have to say to you and to facebook ads is, I love my ass, I don't want to buy your slimming exercise pants, I love me, so kiss this :)


  1. Love this post and your ass.. Not my stupid face in that pic tho...!! X

    1. you are challenge twelve!! Your face needs to be there.... we need a group ass pic now :)

  2. Bammmmmmmmm
    Is all I need to say!!!!

  3. ^^^ amen! seriously nice arse! xxx


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