Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hip hip hooray, in hospital on my birthday.

So it's March 17th 2012 and it's my 45th birthday (not 46 like I previously said) I wake up at approx 3am busting for a pee when it occurs to me I cant actually walk! Hmmm. I ring my call bell and wait for 35 minutes for two nurses to assist me in the bathroom department.
Now apparently I am not allowed to get out of bed until I have had an X-ray so I have the pleasure of peeing in a bedpan. Now for those of you who have not had this experience I can tell you it's not easy at the best of times,never mind when you have had a bone sawn through, your hip dislocated and have several pins and staples in place!!
Now I am usually a tolerant and polite person but combine severe pain with busting for a pee and I can turn into a bit of a monster.
Needless to say I had to apologise to the nursing staff as I didn't appreciate their efforts of ramming a plastic bath between my legs and told them so in no uncertain terms!!
My birthday did get better. My consultant arranged for some more pain relief, I was given a bowl of water and helped to wash (eventually) and had a nice trip out on the trolley to the X-ray department to be manhandled once more!! :) oh and I had some lovely visitors, wine, cupcakes and more balloons. Happy birthday to me.

Sshh don't tell nursey what's hidden in my locker

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