Monday, 16 January 2012

On January 10th 2012 I would have been back at work for a year and discharged from the eating disorders team for 6 months.  What an achievement! Unfortunately I now have a touch of pleurisy so am taking it easy at home and thought I would update or even backdate my blog with snippets I have missed out over the months.

So moving on swiftly and taking you back to August last year and Jens surprise :)
There have been many friends that have supported me throughout my illness and recovery and sometimes saying thank you to them just hasn't felt enough.  I wanted to show them in a way which I would hope they could remember and would make them smile, Jen certainly did.
Now for those of you who don't know Jen, she is a larger than life character, full of fun, a bloody flirt and has a cracking voice that she wont admit to. Cue the surprise and several weeks of evil winding up.
I had initially told Jen that we were going to Weston Super Mare on the train on a certain day and that she wouldn't be told what we were doing until we arrived!!  The questions began to flow.  'What do I need to wear,' 'Do I need to take anything with me,' 'does it involve heights.'
Poor Jen was getting scared and to make things worse I started posting pictures of items she needed to take on her facebook, the usual objects, talcum powder, feather boa, sexy pants!!!

Well the day final arrived and Jen turned up at mine looking ever so slightly scared.  We headed off on the train, calling at a local hostelry for a swift cider before the journey, no change there then!
We arrived at our destination early to give us time to find the venue, unfortunately I had misjudged the location and we walked for what seemed like an eternity to find Mikes house.  After another light refreshment we reached our location, Jen looking even more nervous when she realised we were actually going to someone's front room!!
She was pleasantly surprised.  As soon as she saw the song book on the table and numerous guitars around the living area it clicked, we were in a recording studio.
Cut a long story short Jen had a brilliant day recording several songs to a CD (one which I have uploaded below)  I did join her but I would not inflict my rendition of Wuthering Heights on anyone other than the X Factor rejects.
So Jen this is your very first CD recording, well done girl and stop hiding your light under a bushell.
Tomorrow I will tell you about Debs spooky surprise!

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