Friday, 22 June 2012

Word Of The Day. Day 16 and 17 Beginning and End

I decided to incorporate beginning and end together, as for me the end of my eating disorder was the beginning of my life again.  So this is a poem I wrote in April 2011 which says it all really.

The Beginning of the end
Moving On
Its time to say goodbye,
To rid myself of a living lie,
I'm moving on. I'm biting back,
Best foot forward, right on track.

I will not mourn the friend Ive lost.
I hope again our paths wont cross,
What I love is inside me,
Not the figure in the mirror I see.

Good riddance to this shit disease,
The expectations I never achieved,
Perfection does not equal thin,
But biting back means I will win.

I’m stronger now, Ive fought the fight,
And now I ‘ll savour ever bite,
Farewell my anorexic friend,
Lets hope this truly is the end


1 comment:

  1. I believe in your strength and your brave heart - I have faith in you that one day you will be entirely free.

    p.s. this photograph is so beautiful, of both of you and speaks volumes for your relationship xxx