Sunday, 12 January 2014

January 12th. Say NO to Body Shaming.

How often has someone tagged you in a photo of you on a Social media site when you were looking less than your best?  Maybe they caught you mid yawn, you hadn't shaved your legs, your jeans were a little too tight, your buttons were gaping on your shirt, you were showing a bit of 'side boob,' or even worse you had 4 boobs due to your breasts escaping from the ill fitting bra!! Remember how that made you feel? Did you laugh it off and let it stay on your timeline for all to see or did you shudder and immediately remove the tag, a vowing to never step out of the door without a full face of make-up and beautifully coiffured hair again?
You have a choice.....  other people don't seem to!
I have recently noticed on a few of my friends timelines, especially on the dreadful 'spotted' sites, the trend in posting photos of individuals, usually women with the main aim of mocking the way they look. Isn't it bad enough that we slag off how celebrities look through the media, that now we are starting to judge those we pass in the street. Seriously, who made you the fashion police?
Shaming someone because of their size or the way they dress is no different to bullying. Imagine how you would feel if that photo taking on a drunken Saturday night with panda eyes, ripped tights and boobs hanging out of your top was circulated across the Internet for all to mock??  If you're ok about that then good on you, if not then think on!!
The change starts with you...... say no to body shaming and challenge.


  1. AMEN! I *hate* when people post body-shaming photos. Thankfully I have removed most of those people from my online sphere.

    1. Good on you. I have plenty of photos of myself I should be ashamed of though :)

  2. Wow, I'm thankful I don't have any friends who post pictures like that. The closest I've seen are the "people of Walmart" sites/posts. Thanks for calling it out though! I know I hate it when I'm tagged in a horrible picture. I try to avoid doing that to my friends!

  3. Agreed. When we put down other women, or anyone for that matter, we are really highlighting more about our own arrogance or insecurity and putting ourselves down at the same time.


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