Friday, 5 October 2012

Sometimes I Wish.....

Sometimes I wish....

Sometimes I wish I could have one last kiss,
one last hug, one word good or bad.
Could hear your laugh, the smell of your smoke,
Stand on your feet as I did as a child,
Pretending to dance,
But I cant......

Sometimes I wish,
I hadn't said the things I said,
Listened to their words, felt their pain.
Ignored my feelings and hurt inside,
Sometimes I wish I hadn't been born,
But I was....

Sometimes I wish,
I didn't think too much and analyse,
I could switch off my brain and move forward in life,
I didn't care about anyone else,
Life would be easier then,
But its not....

Sometimes I wish,
I could make a change, a difference,
I could understand more and be understood,
I didn't think the way I do,
I could give my thoughts away,
But I cant...

Sometimes I wish,
Somedays I cry,
Always I learn,
Often I embrace,
Never do I give up.

Jackie 2012

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