Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 19 Write a love life limerick

A limerick is a witty often nonsensical five line poem with a strict AABBA rhyme scheme
For a ‘how to’ guide and examples check out this site. 

There was a young girl from the Boro,
who tried to get people to love her,
She starved and she strived
To an inch of her life
while doubting she'd ever recover

Consumption of food was a sin,
and most of it went in the bin,
she lived on the scale
'im the size of a whale'
she screamed someone please help me win.

But one day she said 'this is it,'
I'm worth so much more than this S**t
So out came the hammer
and smash the scale shatter
Regrets? No not one little bit.

To say it was simples a lie,
But the choice was to live or to die,
Life was what i chose,
As you can see from this prose,
Recovery's good, now where is that pie?  :)


  1. Honey this is beyond fabulous! Truly - you rock! xxx


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