Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Value Of Hurt


I choose not to believe the words I was called,
Stupid, ugly, smelly, gay.
The hurt was not 'in love' or for 'my own good,'
I don't care if that's how it happened in your day.

You chipped away bit by bit at what little confidence I could muster,
I was hurt, lost,scared,
Alone and feeling bad.
Your tongue left scars deeper than a knuckle duster.

My scars were healed with love, acceptance and trust,
Forgiveness of those who 'knew no wrong'
 A belief in myself and where I belong.
I have a purpose, a meaning I am no longer 'Just.'

Jackie 2013


  1. love this and love you gorgeous girl xxx

  2. the last two lines dont rhyme!!oops, thank you xx


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