Sunday, 22 April 2012

You can't get on with everyone!!

I'm playing catch up at the moment so please bear with me.
So you can't get on with everyone as there were certainly a character of two on my hospital ward. I think in every group situation you will always have someone who will stand out from the rest, someone who will try and out do , the been there done that and get on everyone's nerves in the process.
I have only had one long previous general hospital stay and that was for a hysterectomy around 7 years ago now. I will always remember my 'neighbour' on the ward as she spent most of her time arguing with her partner either during visiting or when the coin ward telephone was wheeled into her!! It was a week of no sleep and my first experience of needing sleeping tablets.
It was because of this experience I looked into private after care for my operation, unfortunately orthopaedics was not covered under their private package so I had no choice but to stay on the ward.
I was in a bay which held 8 beds, all women. I was situated right next to the window with a good view of the helicopter landing pad (if i could stand up!) My little space also seemed to be a dumping ground for any mobile piece of medical equipment and stacks of visitors chairs which made for interesting manoeuvres. I had a bed which unbelievably collapsed twice until I got a lovely new electronic one.
Anyway back to the annoying woman in bed 1. I cannot remember her name which I really should as she spent most of her time shouting across the room at other patients. My first experience of mrs annoying was when she decided to enquire about my weight!! Yes, she shouted at the top of her voice across the ward wanting to know how much I weighed. I off course not wishing to offend politely replied that I did not know. She then proceeded to compare me with her daughter and how much she did or didn't eat. My attempts to ignore her were not working and my replies were getting more high pitched, thankfully a nurse intervened and diverted her with something else.
Mrs annoying had a dreadful habit of waiting until the nurses were busy ( either on drugs rounds or with other patients) then she would demand a wheelchair so she can go out and smoke. Now as an ex smoker I can appreciate her need for nicotine,but unfortunately on more than one occasion I did tell her that she was being unreasonable and was not the only person on the ward. In my defence, don't distract the nurse when she is helping me to the bathroom on my first go on crutches!!
As you can imagine this did not go down well and a few expletives were shared. Don't think me a complete cow, I did have empathy for this woman, she was obviously in discomfort and recovering from surgery but the experience was not helping good healing! She was eventually moved after an upsetting incident but could still be heard on her trips out for a fag!!
I must mention one particular lady on the ward who was delightful. She was in the bed next to me and was 80.
The evening before I came home Cath was laying in her bed with her personal cassette player on. Unfortunately as Cath was hard of hearing it was not very personal and could be heard by the whole ward! It was a joy to hear the 80's hooked on classics again with Cath singing along and tapping her feet and fingers in time to the music. When it ended she sat up and said in a very loud voice, 'you couldn't hear that could you?' A classic and makes me smile when I think of it.

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