Tuesday, 20 May 2014

For A. x

Today I learnt the news that a friend had sadly lost her husband. The death of someone you love is never easy and this was just so tragic

I have only known Arielle for around 4 years but we have never met. She is a strong and beautiful person who is an advocate for eating disorder recovery. She gives of herself selflessly and has no doubt played a huge part in the recovery of many Men and women with eating disorders.
Her relationship with R. was what fairy tales are made off.  She adored him, and he her.  I remember last year on their 5th wedding Anniversary.  Arielle arranged to have anonymous love letters sent from all over the world which she saved and put in a wooden box for him to read and keep.
In the letters were reminders to R. of what a wonderful and adoring Husband he was whom Arielle loved dearly.  My love note was amongst the many he read that day.
I cannot express the sadness I feel for this beautiful Woman and the family left behind.  I hope that Arielle can get some comfort from the support of her family and friends....  she has many.
Rest in peace R.
Love to you Arielle xxx

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